Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hashing with 'Stunt' Granny Lingus

Well it seems that 'Stunt' Granny Lingus was every where this past weekend below are the links for the past few hashes that 'Stunt' Granny has made. (just click on the links below)
Denver H3 #685 - Denver Red Dress Hash (22June08).

Colorado Kimchi H3 #131 - D&D Hash (21June08).

Jacksonville H3 #548 (18June08).

These pictures I should have posted a while a go but have been to lazy to posted them so here they are now...
Damn Its Monday H3 #128 (14April08).

Denver H3 #680 (13April08)

Colorado Kinchi H3 #126 - Afghanistan Hash (13April08)

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