Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where's the Colorado Invihash?

Where exactly is the Colorado Invihash this year?

Originally I had heard that is was in Walsenburg, Colorado. I heard that that place was the butthole of Colorado, so I was excited because I knew hashers would have fun at a place like that.

The Walsenburg website.

But then, as I was looking into it further, I came across information indicating it is in Monarch, Colorado.

The Monarch website.

So I guess all I'm asking is, where the f^&k is it?

(This post is in no way inflammatory or accusatory. It is 1:00 AM and I'm tired...)


@ss gagger said...

I though it was in walsenburg this year. I was at the last one in monarch. Ahh, the revolving showers...

brownie said...

It's in Walsenburg. The pre-lube is in Manitou! The last one was at Monarch, whatever website you were looking at hasn't been updated. I heard the next one is gonna be at your mom's house...

Free Bus(c)h said...

Colorado Invihash in in Walsenburg, CO in 2008. 2006 was in Monarch.
What website were you looking at???

Nuthin' But Net said...

Mz. Bus(c)h,

The above link was the source of my feeble minded confusion.

Kill them, for they lie.


Free Bus(c)h said...

Yeah...Yeah...I have already e-mailed them with updates