Thursday, November 1, 2007

HASH on NOV 10th

CARS on BLOCKS & FIGHTING COCKS: “Deliverance has Nuthin’ on this Hash!!

WHEN: Saturday, November 10th, @ 2 pm
Where: Adams Apple Lounge: 3302 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Colorado Springs, CO 80918-5760
Hares: Nappy Headed WHORE! (and maybe one more if I can find a volunteer)
Directions: From the intersection of Fillmore and Union, head (who said HEAD!) North to Austin Bluffs. Turn right (east) and Adams Apple Lounge is on the left hand side. If you hit academy you are retarded. For those who can’t figure out directions I recommend a cab, those guys are good!
Bring: $5..extra shoes, shag bag (you will get dirty) Sacrificial Virgins, as much white trash wearing, dirty Sanchez givin, beer drinking , can grabbin crap as you can haul. Costumes recommended. Be prepared for a little jog and lots of shiggy!

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