Sunday, April 8, 2007

what to do?

Kimchi intelligence agents are reporting the possible closure of TexMex, one of the stops on the Platte Road Challenge. I will confirm this shortly. However, if it really is closed, we need to decide what to do. The options:

I) Skip it. Eleven bars is enough, especially given that we'll basically have unlimited beer at the end.

II) Include the El Dorado Lounge. Some of yunz have been there and it is Kimchi acceptable, as well as in the 80909 zip code. However, this adds a significant amount of distance to the crawl, probably bringing the total distance close to 5K.

III) Include the Finish Line Lounge. See reasons above, though the distance here is a bit shorter.

IV) Include both El Dorado and the Finish Line. Why go to twelve bars when you can go to thirteen!

V) Have a car trunk full of beer at the TexMex stop. I'm not for this as it goes against the usual flow of a pub crawl and I don't think it would be wise to attract too much unwanted attention considering how drunk we're gonna be at that point.

So, what are the thoughts of the pack?


brownie said...

Adding the Finish Line Lounge to the mix will add about half a mile. Putting in the El Dorado will tack on an extra .6 miles.

Nuthin' But Net said...

I say we trunk it.

Or got to El Dorado.

Or the Finish line.

But that's it. Narrow it down to those three.

Just Dani said...

I saw we put it into a little red wagon and have a small beer stand on the side of the road

brownie said...

I talked to MILF, and he said we should just to the Tejon Bar and Grill twice. What a fag!

Lick My Lincoln said...

If they close, I say we stop there and all poop on the entryway.

brownie said...

No need to worry, not only have I kept the number of bars to 12, but I have actually shortened the course!

C-4! said...

Sweet! More beer, less trail!
I am just counting our blessings that TexMex was closed. (And to the owners/operators, I am sorry for your loss)

brownie said...

Seriously, I'm a friggin' genius! The Norman Einstein of hashing!