Friday, February 23, 2007

You learn something new every day

Ha! Blogger's new format works differently! So guess what, wankers? I'm just going to e-mail you all (actually, Blogger is going to e-mail you all) with invitations to blog on the Hash Trash. If'n you don't like it, DRINK!


P.S. If I missed you, once you're done drinking for whining, drop me an e-mail and I'll add your drunk ass to the list.


brownie said...

I don't like it. I'm gonna go drink now.

PS - this blog sucks.

Lick My Lincoln said...

Dude - have you no LIFE?

Come to the Great American Beerfest at the Pete O'club tonight and taste Nascock's and my beer!

brownie said...

Screw that. I'll be at the Broken Arrow getting ready for the hippie hash tomorrow.

Lick My Lincoln said...

Nascock and I won the GOLD for our beer, Catastrophic Failure!

We shared some more with Jon at Arctic and got some good feedback for the next brewing of our gold-winning beer!

brownie said...

Overachievers! Drink for bragging!